Perfect, Plaid

Outfit of a coat, turtleneck, plaid pants, and LOQ boots

It’s not every day you thrift a brand new pair of designer
pants. Even better when they’re plaid. These are the first pair
of plaid pants that I’ve thrifted. Actually, the first plaid
anything. I was never one to wear plaid, and the only time I

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Outfit of a black top, pale yellow pants, and a beaded vintage bag

Sometimes I can feel uninspired with the clothes that I have.
Or uninspired with coming up with things to write on here,
outfits to shoot or with design work. And this past year has
been interesting. I’ve been blogging for a little over a year
now. So far I’ve enjoyed my time blogging. However, I do feel

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Why I Buy Vintage

Outfit of a black tee, blue jeans, and a straw bag

I’ve been thrifting for almost 3 years now and wish I had
started sooner. Thrifting has allowed me to wear what I want
to wear on a budget. Plus it’s nice to be able to buy things
you don’t see everywhere. I thrifted this entire look and most
of it is vintage. As a matter of fact, the majority of my

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Black and White Layers

Gingham print is everywhere. A few months ago I thrifted a
blue and white gingham buttton up. And now I recently
picked up this top. I’m not much of a print person, but this
is such a simple print that I definitely like. I layered it
with a plain tee and a pair of my favorite vintage trousers.

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Making It Work

Outfit of a tan blazer, black jeans, and boots

I’ve had this oversized blazer for years but pretty much
never wore it. I just really didn’t like the fit or material
of this blazer much, but I found a way to make it work.

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Blazer Days

Outfit of an oversized vintage blazer and ankle boots

I’ve been having some blazer days lately. This oversized
blazer I’m wearing was actually my mom’s from the ’90s.
What drew me towards it was the padded shoulders that
gives it an oversized “borrowed from the boys” look.

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